Louis L'Amour Trail

Louis L'Amour Trail

Tour various locations in Jamestown such as the school that Louis L'Amour received all of his formal education, the library where he nurtured his love of the written word, and more.  Maps are available at the Tourism Information Center at 404 Louis L'Amour Lane (right outside the gates to the Frontier Village).

Historic Franklin School

The Historic Franklin School was a site for learning from 1910 to 2000.  Louis L'Amour, beloved western author, received all of his formal education here.  Take a self-guided tour through this historic center for learning.



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Historic Franklin School where Louis L'Amour was educated

James River Library System

This library was built in 1918 in the Egyptian style popular at the time and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


The James River Valley Library, one of the stops on the Louis L'Amour Trail, used to be known as the Alfred Dickey Public Library. This was a public library when Louis was growing up here in Jamestown and was one of the places that helped to stimulate his love for the written word. 


The James River Library System offers programming year-round. Be sure to check their website for upcoming events.



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